Smart Circle International DirecTV Scam

Buyer beware!Do not sign up for DirecTV service from Smart Circle International posing as DirecTV representatives in Sam's Club.

They will charge you upfront for items that are FREE for new customers. They are pocketing 100% pure profit. They don't even report what you have paid to DirecTV. All new customers receive new equipment and installation for FREE, if Smart Circle International wants to charge you for it they are simply pocketing your money and not reporting your payment to DirecTV.

They are slick too, because you only have 24 hours to report the fraud. They also promise you services that you are not getting, but once you have signed up for a 24 month contract you are stuck and have to pay $20 for each month you cancelled your contract early. If you want DirecTV go to them directly.

Don't let someone sign you up and make you pay upfront.Please comment if you have been dupped by them too!

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Nov 27, 2014

Okay, I think (at least the first twenty plus comments I read) this is comment thread is getting away from identifying the misconception of the original report. Full Disclosure: I work for Smart Circle, I love my job, but I'm not going to defend it here.
The issue at hand is the complaint that Smart Circle charges you for equipment when Directv Corp. does not. This is both true and not true.
If you are asked to pay upfront for the equipment it's because you came back a medium or high risk customer. Most often this is the case because you have poor credit (or in certain cases, you just made BIG purchases such as a new car and or house, so you're considered a risk regardless of how great or poor your credit is). If you have were asked to pay upfront for the equipment in store (ie via smart circle), you will also have to pay that upfront security deposit on the equipment with DirecTV Corp. as well.
This is clearly the case here, in the original complaint.
If you have any additional questions, concerns, or want to sign up for DirecTV without being lied to, feel free to email me at :)

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Dtv guy

Sep 17, 2014

I work for smart circle in costco, this person is retarded. Legit retarded. I hate my job personally but it's a scam for me not you (I need to get paid more) you get 4 boxes free the other you have to be charged for and standard installation is free but custom (if you have a big house isn't) this person is retarded

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Sep 17, 2014

I think anyone who has read your post would venture to say that YOU are the one that is retarded.

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Jun 20, 2014 Syracuse, New York

Every negative comment on here is wrong. Our deal is way better than the one on These people must have been with the wrong office or work for dish, cox, timewarner, etc.

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Sep 17, 2014

Yes, clearly anyone who disagrees with you is wrong. (eye roll)

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Jun 20, 2014 Syracuse, New York

This article is a lie. If you need me to I will show you how so. I think someone else clears it up a bit though. The person who wrote this article is a liar. If I did that I would be fired but yet I'm the bad guy. Have a good day though. Gotta love the turn and burn too (down below). Perfect! I'm not brainwashed I'm just an American with ambition.

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Chris Revere

Jun 20, 2014 Syracuse, New York

Don't let a few bad grapes spoil the bunch. Holistically we are honest hardworking people that help people that are being taken advantage of by their previous cable providers. I'm sick of people who lack common sense casting judgment. You earn your paycheck and if you can't do that get out. Management doesn't like having to work for your check if you choose not to produce. The money has to come from somewhere. And yes the retailers would never risk bad publicity if we were truly a detriment to their customers. A lot of this is just common sense. We are good people offering good products for a good deal. End of story.

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Jun 20, 2014 Syracuse, New York

Our payscale is hourly or commission. If you aren't earning commission you are hurting the company. It only takes 4 offers agreed to to hit commission. This job is very easy if your coachable. If you can coach you're a diamond.

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May 18, 2014

I actually work for the company now. And what really sucks is the "owner" is sleeping with one of the reps... she never works in thr stores, never gets apps either. The kicker is she still gets a check every week. I cant wait till I am offered another job, because I will quit in a heartbeat...

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Mar 16, 2014

This is sad. This is really sad. It's brainwashing at its finest. All these people who stick up for SmartCircle and their little satellite companies have the same rebuttals: "If we're a scam, then why are we in (insert retail stores here)?" or "you couldn't make it because it's not for you". While the latter may ring true mostly, what most people don't realize is what really goes on behinds the scenes.
I worked for Core In-Store Solutions out of Charlotte, NC for a little over 2 months. I was suspicious of the company anyway, but I had recently graduated from college at the age of 25 and figured that finding a job in Charlotte would be my best chance to find a career being it's the largest city in the state and I came from a small town and smaller, more laid-back beach city in SE NC.
So after I had interviewed for another company similar to this that was a door-to-door sales job and turning that down, I interview for Core. Madison, who was the "HR" manager, invited me for an interview after "thoroughly" looking over my resume, which listed me as a recent grad and some courses I took within my major (Communication Studies) that would help with the art of selling. I drove the 3.5 hours to Charlotte, stayed overnight with my brother who also lives in the city, and I knew the whole "interview round" process, so I did the first round and second round within the same day. Obviously I was hired and had to construct a move from one side of the state to the other, and here is
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Dec 13, 2013 Nashua, New Hampshire

I think its pathetic to see all these people who ,obviously couldn't sell,had no student mentality ,and a bad attitude complain about a company (smart circle)that actually lets you make what you deserve,so if you only made a few hundred bucks,that's all you were worth that week.I have never needed claw back but was informed by my promoting owner everything including pay structure,claw back,and the incentives.I got promoted and feel im better off now then I ever was.I get all my money that I earned and deserved for that week.Smart circle,thank you for the opportunity given to me,yes I said given cause I came in with no money and now have my own market,that I chose and am living my dream. Yall who are complaining are what we call with-drawers,you bleed a company of its hours,milk the clock and expect charity.SMART CIRCLE REPS ARE DEPOSITORS,THEY BRING MONEY INTO A COMPANY WORK HARD AND SAVE PEOPLE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS.So grow a set ,clock in and be honest with yourself,most likely you are a loser,cant hold a job and you make your family struggle cause you have no drive,ambition,or goals you are able to meet!!!! JUICE BABY JUICE AND REMEMBER,YOUR GOALS IN LIFE ARE IN EQUAL PROPORTION TO YOUR EFFORTS,SO DO YOU DESERVE A RAISE FOR TODAYS EFFORTS???!!!

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Sep 17, 2014

Smart Circle bleeds their people of their time, milks them for their gas money and expects people to work for free. So people, grow set, clock out and be honest with yourself. Most likely you are a winner, you are better than this, you can hold a real job and stop making yourself and your family struggle. You have drive, ambition, and you have goals that you can meet, but you won't ever reach your potential by wasting time with Smart Circle.

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Screwed by chance

Aug 10, 2013 Kenosha, Wisconsin

I currently work for this company and feel ****** for still being here. Truth is I feel trapped, I quit my other job upon being hired by smart circle(duffus move). The pay is ***, the leadership is ***, and you will find yourself surrounded by idiots!!!! :upset

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Jul 24, 2013 El Paso, Texas

You need to read contract it shows that you will get charge if its necesary like ,if you dont have a cable they charge tou , its not a scam, dont be *** and read before you sing anything

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Former employee

Mar 14, 2013 Traverse City, Michigan

I've heard a lot of stories about this company that were very similar to my experience. First of all smart circle is not a scam, it is simply not a very good job let alone a career. I just quit today after working there for two months because I just needed a few paychecks to get me through the rest of the winter. I will explain how this job works as simple as I can.

First of all, READ the contracts you are signing before you start working there. I did and I knew exactly what I was getting into and I definitely knew I was only planning on working there for a couple months. It is %100 commission due to the claw back policy. I'm sure they bank on young ignorant people not reading these documents because they do not explain the process to you unless you ask many many questions. I got a paycheck every week that was based on my performance in the past weeks so they are not scamming anyone.

The job I had was selling DirectTV in Menards. You walk around trying to solicit people into switching their TV service to directTV and you sound like a complete *** while you are doing this. While DirectTV is a good service and it is a good deal we were pitching, the same deal can be found online at We were told to use some misleading wording that didn't actually disclose the full truth about some things but I never did that. I sold plenty of packages by telling people the complete truth about how much they would save and what kind of
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Apr 14, 2013

People that get promoted as an owner start in the same place you did, I have been with this company for 6 years and it is all opportunity. You were probably just someone that didn't understand the claw-back and was always on hourly cause you couldn't see ***! If you are a small business owner and needed to work for someone that shows how successful you are at life! For goal oriented people that can actually sell and train people to sell, the opportunity is great. DTV pays smart circle tons of money, SMART CIRCLE make up 90% of new client ACT. Call DTV and ask them yourself chump. Just because it wasn't a career for you, doesn't mean there is no opportunity for anyone that is successful in life. Hundreds of people have been fully incorporated into business owners that are successful.. SO stop crying and find something better to do with your life rather then *** about what you couldn't make work for yourself!

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Sep 17, 2014

DtV, please find a responsible, competent adult who can read the postings here and explain them to you.
Poster "former employee" identified himself as A. a business owner who just needed some extra bucks for a couple lean months and B. that he was good at selling and was actually brought on at a higher pay scale than others. So for you to suggest he needs to "stop crying" and "find something better to do with his life" is absurd. Perhaps you need to look in the mirror and take your own advice.

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Reality Check

Aug 19, 2013

You have been Misleading or Ignorant my friend. This world that we live in type up every major *** retailer or even business is *** up! Everything is a scam in this world I guess right??? Dental, Hospitals, Food Market, Gas station just everything. If you are a business owner, and you say that you made 400 dollars a week and you say that is easy? suck at it making 400s a week and worry about claw back. Take a stroll to a car dealer ship or frys electronics every commision job has a claw back. This was not for you so don't complain and let people who can do it do it.

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Sep 17, 2014

Are you for real? Do you have any clue has to how ignorant YOU sound? Why don't YOU stop complaining! Why don't you STOP whining? I promise anyone reading this, you gave up months ago and are now doing something more your speed.. like flipping burgers.

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Jun 21, 2014

Same exact story... to the NINE. Cheers I feel you, getting out next week.

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