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There is truth and false like every other company when it comes to smart circle direct tv part.First i agree with a couple of you that have worked with smart circle.

First of all smart circle hires anybody and everybody that has a middle school education and up. Then they do brainwash you everyday in the morning before you go to the store. Telling you your going to own your own office make all this money. So it pumps up.

You work alot alot of hours and have one day of(wednesday.) They pressure the *** of you to sell thats why the reps are always bugging the *** out of people in sams costco walmart best buy and frys. when your in a slump as a sales rep you say any *** thing to get a sale. so for the people that got the wrong *** or were promised something i believe you cuz the sales reps was *** desperate to get a sale that day..or they give you time. Another *** up part is advance clawbacks.

if you dont make more than your min hourly..your getting a clawback meaning taking money from your check. If a customer doesnt want to pay for any custom installs, taking money from your check.

The people that do get promoted..which includes alot alot of *** kissing get shut down in less than a year.Iv worked for smart circle over 2years..i know the ins and outs of smart circle and direct tv....Another thing no *** benefits!!!!!

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Dec 02

If you go to and scroll down to the 'dirty tricks' section, you will find a plethora of links to news reports, government rulings, lawsuits and video footage showing how these people do business.

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Nov 23 Charlotte, North Carolina

I worked for a branch in Charlotte, NC called "Core In-Store Solutions". I was there about 2.5 months and it was the worst 2.5 months of my life.
I was a recent college graduate with a degree in Communication Studies, and having worked in retail a number of years, I felt this job was right up my alley. Boy was I wrong.
I was looking for jobs in Charlotte to make a cross-state move, and unfortunately the Smart Circle job was what I moved to Charlotte for. I was promised $10/hr, and no matter how any hours I worked, I was always paid for 39.5 hours.
The one good thing I can say is that the owner, Justin Joy, did his best to run an honest office. But the brainwashing was so obvious and often I couldn't take it after just a week or two.
They claim you get "promoted" but promotions don't exist here. When sales are down, they'll just bend the rules and make someone a "team lead". There were only a few, both female. One was young and sexy, the other older with a bubbly personality. Only reason the young girl did well was because of her looks.
We had "atmosphere" every day in which we'd "practice pitch", perfecting our sales pitches and getting better at overcoming negatives quicker and more naturally to make us look like we know what we're talking about when in fact these reps are just regurgitating practiced behaviors. After doing this for 30-45 minutes, the owner or assistant manager would come in and recap the previous day. They would clap and cheer for
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Nov 25, 2013

You people are fools. Learn how to sell and you will be fine. I have worked for this company for 6 months getting ready to open my own market. I make a *** load of money at least 600 a week on my bad weeks. I worked for Kirby too you people must be the same losers who couldn't make that opportunity work for them either. Get a life stop blaming your failure on others.

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Ive been there too

Jan 22 Houston, Texas

Guaranteed you are already shut down. Learn how to sell and you will be fine? Takes more then that to be an owner. That's not going to help you with custom fees. You used to work at Kirby with losers that couldn't make it? you just said you used to work there so you must not have made it either. I use to be an owner. I quit because its ***. I had to pay for meetings in Dallas, plane tickets, gas mileage, recruiting, and everyone's uniform. your not really a business owner. If you were you couldn't be shut down, you wouldn't have a boss, or be on any *** calls with Mike T. I would do it all again because I learned to manage and a good work ethic. Its been almost 2 years since then and I do way better now financially and mentally. I just couldn't belong in a business pimping out 20 year olds for much longer. look around at the next meeting, always new faces wearing a suit for a first time and everyone is in the 20-28 year old range. I also wanted to say I spoke at a conference about running a successful office. I had $256 in my bushiness account and -180 in my HOA. I bounced back up to 21K a year later and cut out before I lost it all.Juice by that.

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Mar 24, 2013


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Mar 24, 2013


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california office

Mar 24, 2013 Torrance, California

i agree with the way smart circle runs a busincess, its actually quiet smart if you ask me. What I have complaints about is one office in san dimas. The owner of that office is named BILLY OREVALO. Lets get started with this guy.......first of all ill give it to him he is good at what he does.[BRAINWASH] Thats fine it was my fault for believeing in him the thing i have to complain about the most is they way he pays. So this is how it works when you first get there nobody is taught how to use an online tracking system of your sales. So in return when ever people reschedule their installation date its up in the air for him to grab and claim as his sale. Next thing is pay checks, that are constantly wrong in the amount to be paid.When confronted about it he says o I will reimburse you, guess what billy you just **** with the wrong group of people. A lot of us have got together to discuss what we are to do with this. we came up with a solution and that is we are gathering people to file a lawsuit due to the lack of honesty form this guy. If anyone in here has been in that office will know. Trust me I've been on so called road trips and I've seen how other people run their offices. ITS LEGIT So far lawyers have came up with what they call a class action lawsuit against this guy and we have a pretty good case. To Mr. Mike T. I hope you read this and do something about it. This guy is a scam and became money hungry so started to steal money from all of us! Trust me everyone quit... Show more

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Jun 07

It's not just his office. I worked in CA for 1 yr and the same *** happened .

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Guy who has been there

Mar 14, 2013

I've heard a lot of stories about this company that were very similar to my experience. First of all smart circle is not a scam, it is simply not a very good job let alone a career. I just quit today after working there for two months because I just needed a few paychecks to get me through the rest of the winter. I will explain how this job works as simple as I can.

First of all, READ the contracts you are signing before you start working there. I did and I knew exactly what I was getting into and I definitely knew I was only planning on working there for a couple months. It is %100 commission due to the claw back policy. I'm sure they bank on young ignorant people not reading these documents because they do not explain the process to you unless you ask many many questions. I got a paycheck every week that was based on my performance in the past weeks so they are not scamming anyone.

The job I had was selling DirectTV in Menard's. You walk around trying to solicit people into switching their TV service to directTV and you sound like a complete *** while you are doing this. While DirectTV is a good service and it is a good deal we were pitching, the same deal can be found online at We were told to use some misleading wording that didn't actually disclose the full truth about some things but I never did that. I sold plenty of packages by telling people the complete truth about how much they would save them and what kind of service
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Mar 24, 2013 Torrance, California

Here in san dimas you never get paid per hour even though you were promised in the begining. Also they tax you on all your gas milage which is illegal. Second they do not start the time till you get to the store which in return is another fraud. You have to be paid for any work related hours espically be in the office for trainging. I know a lot of people in HR I know what im talking about.

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J Willis

Jan 03, 2013 Fresno, California

I started in the Sacramento office with Rhyse Davis, I got promoted after 5.5 months and I make a great living at this. I have promoted out a handful of other managers out of my building. Obviously not everyone is cut out for management, so not everyone gets promoted and yes not everyone that gets promoted is successful. There is not any business that has a 100% success rate. Ive been very successful and I sorry that some people didnt make it and some people worked for shady managers. Out of 350 offices across the US, there are some owners that dont do the right thing, its not Smart Circles falut its the owners company and thats it. Ive been all over the country and grown offices all over. I make more money than i ever had in my life. I love my job and love Mike T btw.

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Jul 19

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Nov 04, 2013

THata Baby!! I own my own office as well and have promoted out 3 outside deals in my first 20 months as an owner.

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desperate dad

Dec 28, 2012

I had posted my resume online and was contacted by a local office to come in for an interview. I want to find a job in the El Paso TX area. So, when the phone number attached to the email was a local area code, I was suspicious. I told the "HR" person that I was looking for work in TX and she never seemed to answer my question if there was an opportunity in TX. She just wanted to know when I could come in for an interview. That was the first "red warning flag". I went to the local office and interviewed. Of course they ask you "why" you want to work for **fill in the blank** company. "Why?...because you emailed me! Now is there an office in El Paso?"
"Let me check on that. Can you come back for a follow up interview in a day or so?" I interviewed on a Wednesday and came back on Saturday. The appointment was for 1230pm. The office was in the basement of a bank building. The bank closes at noon on Saturdays. So, I sat for about 20 minutes until the local office manager came out to his car. We agreed to come back the following Wednesday for the follow up where I would shadow a current salesperson. Since I have years of retail experience, this came natural to me. So, I was told to come back the following day to fill out paperwork for a background check. In this whole time, I was never "officially" offered a job. So, I fill out paperwork and all of a sudden I'm told to stick around for training. I also ask him about benefits etc. He basically says "no..unless
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Dec 26, 2012 Anchorage, Alaska

Well I am currently Asst. Man up here in Anchorage Alaska. I've done kirby, cutco, rainbow etc.... Its all been transparent here. Make it work for you. JUICE!!!!!!!!!!

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Dec 17, 2012 Joplin, Missouri

I worked in the Joplin Missouri office for smart circle and want to warn others in that area to avoid working for or buying from these scam artist. They claim to have better deals than dtv corporate and that is a lie. They claim to not be multi level and that is not true. They claim to be invited into these retailers when in fact they beg their way in. I worked an ungodly amount of hours for less pay than promised. They are no better than any other pyramid scam. No benefits and empty promises is all you get.

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Former employee

Nov 17, 2012

Im sure you can agree with me. Mike D can suck a fat ***!!!!! All the employees are lied to about the commission and installs they make. I made a few and was lied about the pay I received I was was also told to lie about my hours on my time card because if i did not I would be fired because the dickheads said that I would owe the company money for lack of sales!!! Come on people no one walks into best buy or sams club looking to buy rip off diretv!! Lets just lie to the customers to get them to pay their cancellation fee to switch to *** *** directv *** YOU smart circle!!!!!

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Rey Huerta

Nov 15, 2012

You are all a bunch of Communist badtards! I am a vet and am used to being abused and I live in Paulden Az and I'n lovin DTV!

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