My girlfriend and I are splitting. With Direct Tv in my name, we shopped around for the best deal to transfer the account to hers.

Got a good deal from Menard's in Mansfield, Ohio. The installer was a nice guy. He cleaned up and did a good job. However as far as Direct Cinema goes , he said it may take a little bit for things to download to work with the software and things.

So she signed the contract and he left. The home network as far as being able to record from the base nor the Direct Cinema ended up working. I tried to call the installer right away and he said to check the internet connections and reset the boxes. So I hung up and none of that worked.

I called a technician from directTv and he told me to unplug the ethernet connection on the main DVR box. That took care of the home network as for veiwing from the other rooms . However , as for the Direct Cinema, I need an SWM Splitter and a Deka kit. 30 some dollars.

Direct Tv said they were not responsible even though Direct Cinema was on her contract. They said they were not responsible for the parts. THEY TRIED TO SELL ME ONE ! !

I have tried to call the installer that states Smart Circle on his van at least 5 times including 2 text and he will not return or answer my calls. Gonna try another phone on Mon. My brother had things installed 2 weeks ago and his installer put the neccesary equipment in for everything to work proper.

If anyone has a solution to this problem, Please email me at aquamagic299@yahoo.com. What complete BS

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This is an technician issue. Most DirecTV technicians are subcontractors. The unfortunate part of this is the Installation of DirecTV systems is contracted out to other companies who Further Subcontract installations out to other subcontractors.

Where the problem lies is with the companies not maintaining quality control and ensuring that EVERY Installation is completed to standard.

If every job was completed to Standard there would be very little issue with the system and initial setup because the Technician is responsible for ensuring that it works completely.

The solution is simple. You had Multi Room Viewing (MRV) on your order. Multi Room Viewing will not work with the Ethernet cable hooked directly to the DVR. Had the Technician verified that your MRV was working prior to his departing your home and closing the work order as required he would have realized his error and would have been required to fix the issue.

There are many issues with DirecTV using contractors and subcontractors to do the installations. Some are listed.

Pay - Most Technicians that come to your house to do your installations are contractors who are paid by the job. these technicians had to purchase everything right down to the connectors he is putting on the end of the cable and the direcTV shirt he is wearing.

Gas, Vehicle, tools Everything with the exception of the receiver and satellite dish that was used to do the installation was paid for by the technician if he is a Subcontractor.

Most companies are more concerned with getting paid for the installation. If the installation needs to be rescheduled or the work order needs to be modified they frown on it.

I cant tell you the amount of times I have heard "Just do whats on the work order." "If is is supposed to be HD and the work order says Standard just do it, the customer can upgrade later". I ALWAYS do the right thing for the customer. When the company I contract for gets upset for me I always tell them you are welcome to not give me any further work for doing the right thing for the customer. They always give me extra work.

It takes time to do a job right. Most technicians don't want to put in the time to do the job right. This is because they want to get home before dark. They want to use the least amount of materials they can. They don't get paid a whole lot. They have another job to get to. and a myriad of other reasons including Laziness.

DirecTV can get a handle on it but it would cost them A LOT of money. They are in the business of making money for their shareholders. My opinion as a DirecTV Technician (independent contractor) is that they need to get a handle on it. EVERY job needs to be installed to standard and inspected if need be.


Whoever is blaming Smart Circle for this is retarded. Smart Circle is a marketing company that ONLY handles the marketing/promotional side of things, any problems with installs or issues with Direct TV have nothing to do with Smart Circle. ONce you sign up for DTV (or the Home Depot stuff) Smart Circle is done with their end of the business any problems from that point on will be dealt with by the installer or DTV.


:) Direct TV is not a scam . Smart Circle is not a scam. The comapny is just unorganized and could be better put together.

They put people in owners positions and they leave them to fend for themselves without support.

Its a sink or swim issue and most people without a form of support and outside team efforts will not last more than 6 months. if they do last its part luck and part of what season it is and what they are doing to get sales.

Its very doggy dog system. many hours no life and sale til you cant sell anymore.


Problem is smart circle dos not train any installers if they do its a joke. I am a service tech for directv. I see some of smart circles jobs and they are all ate up jobs and I have to take them out and reinstall them so they will pass directv standards and the national electric code.


Smart circle is known for this type of customer dissatisfaction! The only way to get results is to speak with the stores general manager and file a complaint.

Also, contact smart circle's compliance department. Their main office is in Orange County,CA. The store should have the number or you can find it online. I called 949-609-2069 and was able to speak with the compliance manager.

Hope that helps. I'm still not happy with the outcome, it was a horrible experience!


Let the in store rep know. Smart circle isnt a scam.

I sell DTV for smary circle. the rrp will contact his managet who can gelp you solve the problem.

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