I signed up at Best Buy for Direct TV installation. The installer wanted to charge extra fees, but was unable to complete install.

He did not charge so that was okay, however no matter how many times I called Direct TV and spoke with several different people all they could say was that I should have talked to someone with Direct TV. Well they guy at Best Buy had a Direct TV shirt on.... so he must represent them. Anyway I said cancel your service and haven't had any luck yet doing so.

I am calling the credit card company to stop the payment that should work. At this point I won't be using either of the companies services....ever.

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I would return to Sam's club and have it out with the person that sold me the package. They are representatives of DTV and are paid by DTV. DTV uses this excuse so as not to be held accountable.


Screw the corporations and the big box stores. Deal locally with private and small business.

Keep your money in the community and do business with the little guy who actually makes an effort to improve the customer experience at every turn.

When the same face who sold you something is the same face who comes to your home to install it, there is a certain level of accountability there. This provides a customer experience far superior from what you get with any crook claiming to be an agent of any company.


I used to work for smart circle inside of Sams Club. I can assure you that it is all real and not a scam.

You may not be talking to an employee of Direct TV but they are representatives of the Company. Not sure if you know this but most everybody that represents the company doesn't actually work for them, including the installers. The 19.95 is for shipping and handling for you equipment. Yes the salesmen are making commission just like if you called in your order, the difference is you get a better deal by signing up in one of these stores.

Best Buy gives you several hundred dollars off of a new tv when you sign up. Sams Club saves you an additional $15 a month for a year.

to Micah #955525

your the reason I will not to Best Buy, Sams Club and Mernards. You run around the store and act like your a expert at what i am looking at. I don't want a 2 year contract that in the fine print charges me full price in the 2nd year.


You're lying. There is no way possible that directv could bill you without being installed already.

And the 19.95 upfront is 5 bucks cheaper than what shows up on your 1st Bill by calling n signing up with corporate dtv.

You are an *** sir. Read the fine print.


Theives liers and crooks


Went into Best Buy to sign up for Direct TV. There was a man in a Direct TV shirt, in a Direct TV display booth, with all sorts of Direct TV materials. We discussed the package we wanted. We worked this all out on a Direct TV order from. He put us on the phone were we gave our credit information to a Direct TV order taker and installation schedular.

However, he did NOT WORK FOR DIRECT TV. The fee was NOT REQUIRED by Direct TV to install Direct TV. The phone order taker was NOT Direct TV. The service they promised NEVER came. We were charged the first and second month by Direct TV on top of the fee charged by this pretender. Direct TV refunded our money. The pretender, Smart Circle, did not.

If you want Direct TV be careful. There are pretenders out there.


one of the things to note if signing up in a retail store, be it best buy,walmart, or sams is that you are signing up with a different part pof directv. one the rep at the store is paid commision, 2 the tech who installs buys all the equipment as opposed to corprate where it is given free.

thus pole monts, special monts and extra lines are charged. now we are not just pocketing the cash we report it and on somethings turn in money. the thing is that directv also charges the same things in corprate but you don't see. becuase it is also reported to them and they have to recoup the money somehow.

the basic mount cost 60-120 dollars.

so it is not a scam but everything is up front and everything you can be charged for is in the packet they give. important to read it before installer arrives not to be suprised.

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