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so im at bestbuy gettin a new dishwasher and here comes the direct tv sales rep... well at least I though he was from direct tv...

or either bestbuy. Told us our beloved packer games would be in 1080p format, that the 20 fee is for " people that sign up but are not there when the installer get there", and " i would get a credit on my first direct tv bill for the 20 dollars", and i would get the 150 bestbuy card with the smallest package.. another lie. When found out how much i was lied to I tryed to get a hold of smart circle..

once i figured the companys name from online research. Got the "run around" from smart circle so I called and tryed to get help... Nope.. more run around..

by now I'm PISSED so I go to best buy and get a manager.. well after comming ungluded on this poor kid... he said he would make some calls and get it handled.. latter that day, low and behold, a manager called me from smart circle..

did get my 20 bucks back ,but its been 2 months and still waitin for my BB gift card. So I'm startin to raise some *** again today... makin phone calls and if i get no satisifaction because ofcorse smart circle managers wont answer there phone ,so you have to leave a message and wait for them to hopefully call you back, Ill be heading to my B.B. store and it wont be pretty...

kind of feel sorry for the manager there One more thing, when i first tryed to reach someone at smart circle i got this woman on the phone and i told her what had happened to me... put on hold.... came back on after about 10 mins nothing she could do..

asked to talk to her manager...put on hold... came back 15 mins later and said the manager didnt want to talk to me... so i asked her where the were located.. she said some town in Flordia..

i asked whats the address... she said "she didnt know" I said "well where do you show up for work every mourning?" she just had no idea what the adress was... yeah right!

This company is nothing but low lifes and liers.. the reps will say anything to get the "deal" and its sad that best buy lets these people in there store to prey on there customers

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Your slow.. You do get the the gift card you have to mail your $150 certificate with ur first months bill.. You don't get your $20 back that is for installation your rep mislead you there other than that you are confused..has nothing to do with the companie

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Alot of call centers don't allow agents to provide address. And more and more companies are allowing agents to work from home, and they won't give out their home address. 8)

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