I love how all of these reviews complain about all the same stuff and no one made it past a week. Yes it's sales, yes you work on commission and yes you travel and pay for gas and put tons of miles on your car but the fact is this company gives you a realistic look at what owning your own company looks like.

You work 10-12 hours a day 6-7 days a week. Your first in and last out, somedays you work and don't make any money.

If your not looking to own your own company then this is not for you. If your an entrepreneur then get ready for hard core realistic training.

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Just wanted to say I work with smart circle. I have a base wage plus commission.

Anyone who says they are working 60 hours a week for 50 bucks is a liar or works on a door to door campaign that offers no hourly but about 500 bucks a sale commission. You are told this up front. If you can pass a background check and work in Dior you get hourly but less power commission. If you can't get 2sales from a Leeds sheet in a week sakes isn't for you.

I consistently make 800 to 1500 per week and am always paid on time.

Trees your checks are 2weeks behind but that's pretty much every employer i have ever had. It's true this isn't the job for everyone but it's far from a scam.

to Doug #1319622

In store*


It takes most people, or at least those with half a brain, to realize in just a couple days this a dead-end job and it doesn't pay. You can't pay your rent if you are working but not getting paid.


Wow!!! Is all I can say I don't know who made that last comment but your ignorant and so was I to fall for this scam!!!

All I have to say is run far from this company!

Oh yeah I worked there for over 8 months and there all liars!!!! Scam scam scam scam


Ya I'm an assistant manager to a subsidiary of smart circle and no you don't own your own business you open a market up with an office named by yourself but smart circle dies have power of attorney and control over your bank account. Plus at any moments notice you can be shut down for no reason, suspended or fired for no reason. This place has brain washed people into believing they get to run the show but they don't.

Rochester, New York, United States #956106

Agreed. If you are not a good salesman.

Then this job is not for you.

It's that simple. If you are, its insanely better than most sales jobs that are available today.

to Matthew #1017554

You really need to get out more if you think this is better than most sales jobs. The place where I work, as an example, has salespeople that make a base wage of 50k a year and then unlimited commissions on top of that, selling very high priced goods.

On top of that, they have full benefits, paid time off and private, company paid iphones, laptops, private,air-conditioned offices with access to secretarial services., company-paid lunches and dinners for meeting with clients, etc. You think about that the next time you are struggling to earn $50 a week for 60+ hours.


At least he was honest about the hours, no pay and destroying your car for this company. Most of these guys try to tell you how great the job is.

Easily the most honest post from a Smart Circle stooge that I have ever read.


Yes its sales, Yes you get paid ***, yes your brainwashed, yes you like your going to own your own 'business'. The reality of it is you will own nothing and smart circle will own EVERYTHING.

They control your destiny by the higher 'ups' forcing you to use their system and process.

Think twice before you take the next steps. This isn't entrepreneurship this is a Classic case of another victim in the smart circle world.


Entrepreneur? Why do you have to give Smart Circle power of attorney over your corporation and bank account?

Do you still have to answer to the company once you've been promoted? Are you a real entrepreneur?

to owner Los Angeles, California, United States #943281

You don't give SCI Power of Attorney. Nice research.

You take one persons ridiculous review and run with it.

Guess what? This person didn't make it to a management position, due to laziness.

to SCI proud #943410

You are so full of sh*t, I can smell you from over here. It is NOT one person's review.

Indeed, there are so many like reviews, the internet is clogged with former owners giving the same testimony. Nice research, dumb@ss.

I challenge you to come back here in about 3-6 months with your tail between your legs, and admit to everyone where you are at. You will, if you have any self-respect left.


I made it past a week. They even promoted me to 'owner'.

I'm not complaining. Just telling the truth.

Go to http://thedevilcorp.wordpress.com/ and you will get plenty of truth! JUICE BRO!

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