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Buyer beware!Do not sign up for DirecTV service from Smart Circle International posing as DirecTV representatives in Sam's Club.

They will charge you upfront for items that are FREE for new customers. They are pocketing 100% pure profit. They don't even report what you have paid to DirecTV. All new customers receive new equipment and installation for FREE, if Smart Circle International wants to charge you for it they are simply pocketing your money and not reporting your payment to DirecTV.

They are slick too, because you only have 24 hours to report the fraud. They also promise you services that you are not getting, but once you have signed up for a 24 month contract you are stuck and have to pay $20 for each month you cancelled your contract early. If you want DirecTV go to them directly.

Don't let someone sign you up and make you pay upfront.Please comment if you have been dupped by them too!

Monetary Loss: $380.

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I work for this company also, all I can say is dude calling people haters will *** off Mike T faster then anything and have you promoted to customer. Treat the guest with respect, if they are not interested respect that, if they are willing talk with them and reassure them.

I been in the business since mid 2014 trust me on this.

Chicago, Illinois, United States #1126493

This is so incorrect. I signed up for Direct TV in Menard and was more then satisfied with the information given to me. They did charge me a $19.95 shipping fee and a $1 hold which I got back in 24 hours, I also out of curiosity called Direct TV directly to set up my rental house for my tenants and went that route just out of curiosity as to who really gave a better deal.

Both charged the $19.95, whoever the Menard deal was so much better and I saved about $9 a month an the exact same set up going through Menard then Direct TV corporate.

No complaints here.


I am recently widowed and while I was shopping at Wal-Mart in Clarksville IN I was aggressively approached by "JAKE" a representative for Direct TV.....he told me I had to pay him $21.up front for the shipping cost if the fish etc...he ran literally ran up to the service desk and got a green dot card ...as I explained my debit card has not been mailed to me..as I opened a New checking account ...he said don't tell the lady on The phone this is a prepaid card tell her it is a bank card....He also said I would get high speed internet and over 50 channels..for $39.

a month...an other lie....I asked for a phone number for me to call with any questions...okay...the one number is his cell phone and after leaving him 4 msg he has yet to return my call...when I finally got someone to answer from Direct TV..I was informed...I was lied to that I will not get internet thru them...I would have to use a company that offers internet....I have gotten an attorney now to get me out of the contract...since Direct TV is charging me $20.

a month for 2 yrs because I cancelled...!!!They are scammers...they lie to get your money...abd they are too aggressive....literally following me thru the store not taking no for an answer!!

Redmond, Washington, United States #993348

Juice ... Turn and burn *** been with the company about 2 weeks and I'm already going to business meetings dont be a hater because you can't turn and burn

to Anonymous #1000272


to Anonymous #1000283

Don't think you will find many people jealous of someone that works 60+ hours week for less than minimum wage!Those business meetings you are gloating about, you don't get paid for those honey!


Face it: you work for free!Sixteen year olds at McDonald's earn more money than you do!!!


Okay, I think (at least the first twenty plus comments I read) this is comment thread is getting away from identifying the misconception of the original report.Full Disclosure: I work for Smart Circle, I love my job, but I'm not going to defend it here.

The issue at hand is the complaint that Smart Circle charges you for equipment when Directv Corp. does not. This is both true and not true.

If you are asked to pay upfront for the equipment it's because you came back a medium or high risk customer.

Most often this is the case because you have poor credit (or in certain cases, you just made BIG purchases such as a new car and or house, so you're considered a risk regardless of how great or poor your credit is). If you have were asked to pay upfront for the equipment in store (ie via smart circle), you will also have to pay that upfront security deposit on the equipment with DirecTV Corp. as well.

This is clearly the case here, in the original complaint.

If you have any additional questions, concerns, or want to sign up for DirecTV without being lied to, feel free to email me at Major.dtv@gmail.com :)


I work for smart circle in costco, this person is retarded. Legit retarded. I hate my job personally but it's a scam for me not you (I need to get paid more) you get 4 boxes free the other you have to be charged for and standard installation is free but custom (if you have a big house isn't) this person is retarded

to Dtv guy #871639

I think anyone who has read your post would venture to say that YOU are the one that is retarded.

Syracuse, New York, United States #829560

Every negative comment on here is wrong. Our deal is way better than the one on directv.com. These people must have been with the wrong office or work for dish, cox, timewarner, etc.

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