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What do all of these companies have in common? They ALL claim to be the area's leading marketing, advertising, and acquisitions firm in the Tampa Bay Area. Another thing they have in common is that all of these companies are affiliates of Smart Circle.. One of the largest multi-level-marketing companies in the country.

You've probably seen the ads for these companies spammed all over job search sites such as Craigslist, Monster, Indeed, and career builder. The ads state they are looking for business associates, entry-level managers, sports-minded people, junior account managers, expanding rapidly hiring immediately, and other positions. 

These are are designed for the sole purpose of getting you to submit your resume. These positions DO.NOT.EXIST. All they offer is door-to-door sales selling Verizon FiOs, coupon books, or selling direct TV in big box stores like Walmart, Best Buy, Sam's Club, Home Depot, and Lowes.

Their 'guaranteed' weekly pay is subject to what they call a Claw back, they don't offer benefits, nor will they reimburse you for mileage. If you bring these issues up, you will be accused of being negative, or wanting a 9-5 job. They claim they have relationships with these companies, they do not. Smart Circle does.

Another tool they use to look legit are websites that rely heavily on flash and social media feeds. However once you get past the pizazz, you will find very little of substance.

Their Facebook pages are littered with motivational posters, and links to pointless articles. All of this looks like a great opportunity to a new college graduate, or high school student, but to anyone with any kind of experience in the work force will smell the scam a mile away.

The best thing you can do for yourself and fellow citizens is to file complaints on ripoff report. Com or any other consumer website. Also, contact your local leaders and news channels. Don't buy into their scam.

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People are just mad that they've work for one of the smart circle companies, and couldn't perform well in the field. Those who work hard, perform well will do well and excell in the business.

When you work for top Fortune 500 companies there's a lot of money being involved. Which is why they build people from the grown up. However, this company gives the average determined and motivated American citizen the opportunity to grown and expand their potential. I mean if you went to a car sales lot, and sold no cars do you think they are going to lay you.

The bible says if thou shall not work, thou shall not eat. And this company is proof that those who work hard eat. This company gives a lot of individuals the opportunity to become accountable, responsible and own their own business. If somebody can answer this question - WHAT OTHER JOB WITH GOOD STABILITY CAN YOU FIND THAT YOU CAN MAKE $ 1,000-1,500 WITHOUT A COLLEGE DEGREE ??

I'll wait.... Nevermind, I'll grow out. And don't dare say a coal mine, that's a job that's about as stable as a roundtable on 2 legs... My point exactly.

The only ones that right bad reviews where ones that showed up, saw flexibility/leniency in a job, and took advantage of it by getting lazy and shot theirselves in the foot. They figured "Oh well I can just stand here and get paid and not have to really push my self". IF YOU DO THE BARE MINIMUM YOU WILL RECIEVE THE BARE MINIMUM. The only reason workers at McDonalds, BK and Fast Food restaurants don't push theirselves to make their best burger is because their pay is a SET PAY.

They know if they take their time and effort to cut the most delicate tomatoes by hand, hand picking fresh lettuce and using freshly sliced pickles and choosing to hand-make a patty vs prefrozen - their still going to make MINIMUM WAGE. So they don't give a hoot and just slap burgers, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and buns together just to make it through their day and get it over with. But I GUARANTEE YOU IF THEY WERE PAID OFF OF CUSTOMERS SMILES AND COMPLIMENTS... That they would do their best to make a "Filet Mignon Steak Burger W/ 100% Vegatables" because they would know the fact their there check would be based off of their efforts and quality of work.

Which means a bigger check. And those whom can understand that, will make it much past farther than those who lasted 2 weeks- 2 months and found their self online b*tching basically of how they failed to apply theirselves to a hardworking atmosphere. Hi, I am a college student, father of one and I happen to work for Smart Circle. I happen to have a good work ethic.

I happen to recieve my ownership promotion approval within 6 months of being with the company. I happen to grind hard and now must grind harder.

Sorry that you Anti people didn't work hard and push your self and got content and comfortable but played lazy. Sometimes look for the problem within yourself, and not inflict your issues onto the outside world.

New York, New York, United States #971593

So how do you explain the contracts they have with the fortune 500 companies or the fact that you have to call a call center to place orders and schedule appointments. How do you explain the lead sheets issued by Verizon?

Sounds like a lot of you couldn't get past the first 2 days. Super undereducated and #weak

Los Angeles, California, United States #943292

Get your facts straight they did away with claw back. (Due to the people who can't put in the work ethic and would decide to post an untrue review.) a claw back is designed to help those who have a bad week--SCI fronts the money so when you get yourself back to normal you can pay them back. It's not a bad thing unless you can't ever perform.

to Proud New York, New York, United States #943395

Hey, it's the ignorant babysitter again...maybe they did away with the claw back at your rat's nest, but it is still around elsewhere.

to Proud #1279324

Hahahahahahahahaha you think they did away w the "clawback" bc of negative reviews? Since when has SC changed anything abt how they do business from a bad review(s), except their name?

No, they did away w claw backs (which is also called drawing against your commission, it's a common practice in EL sales jobs) bc the retailers changed some of their policies & didn't want commissions only reps in their stores. If you're outside the retailers, I can't speak to that.

But that's why there is that safety net (a term any SC person is familiar w) was added. It wasn't bc SC suddenly cared abt paying ppl more.


If you go to thedevilcorp.wordpress.com, you will find a wealth of information about this company. Be sure to explore all pages of the site available at the top of the home screen.


If you go to Ripoff Report and search for DEVILCORP, you will find in the rebuttals a list of some 20-25 news reports, government rulings and video footage showing how these people operate.


Dear Anonymous,

$1000 a week for the hours you put in is laughable. Being promoted to team leader?

That means you're brand new and have no idea what kind of a company it is. I'm going to assume that because you're new you still have a soul.

Get out while you still have some decency in you. There's a reason everyone is writing about this company.  The law of averages means there is a 99.9% chance you will leave with nothing to show for your efforts.  Be sure to come back and tell us the truth.  We forgive you.


It's not a scam? I work for one of these smart circle companies in Chicago and I make over $1000 dollars a week and I'm being Promoted to team leader.

People think it's a scam bc they can't handle the job or the hours. So they quit and complain.

to Anonymous #879316

What people can't handle is busting their butts and not getting paid! Under those circumstances, who wouldn't quit and complain?

to Anonymous #1373838

to anonymous who said they make $1,000 a week that may be I have several times you are new even if you are still around if you are being promoted to team leader that means you have been there less hen a month you don't know s#$% yet


Having their offices go by different names is the only way to keep their scam alive. Thanks for the heads up.

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