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There is truth and false like every other company when it comes to smart circle direct tv part.First i agree with a couple of you that have worked with smart circle.

First of all smart circle hires anybody and everybody that has a middle school education and up. Then they do brainwash you everyday in the morning before you go to the store. Telling you your going to own your own office make all this money. So it pumps up.

You work alot alot of hours and have one day of(wednesday.) They pressure the *** of you to sell thats why the reps are always bugging the *** out of people in sams costco walmart best buy and frys. when your in a slump as a sales rep you say any *** thing to get a sale. so for the people that got the wrong *** or were promised something i believe you cuz the sales reps was *** desperate to get a sale that day..or they give you time. Another *** up part is advance clawbacks.

if you dont make more than your min hourly..your getting a clawback meaning taking money from your check. If a customer doesnt want to pay for any custom installs, taking money from your check.

The people that do get promoted..which includes alot alot of *** kissing get shut down in less than a year.Iv worked for smart circle over 2years..i know the ins and outs of smart circle and direct tv....Another thing no *** benefits!!!!!

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People are weak minded.That's the problem.

I've been in this business for less than 2 years and I already have more than $24K SAVED!!! AND I SPEND ALOT OF MONEY!!! BRAND NEW CAR! LUXURIES!




to Anonymous San Jose, California, United States #1328596

First off, your ability to properly write in English is marginal, at best.Please take some of your imaginary 24k and invest in some basic English courses at your local community college.

Second, writing in ALL CAPS is considered "yelling" and is very rude. It is also makes what you have written a pain the backside to read. Usually, it's newbies who write in ALL CAPS, so I have to ask: are you new to using the internet? Third, do you realize everything you wrote is the exact same rubbish that others who defend Smart Circle write here.

It's garbage that your "handlers" have told you. You are doing nothing but parroting what some Smart Circle branch manager has put in your head, by brainwashing you at those morning meetings. Can't you think for yourself? No, because you've drank too much of the Smart Circle kool-aid.

Tell you what, come back here in a couple months and update us on where you at. This is, of course, is contingent upon whether you have any morals or ethics left. BTW: you don't have a brand new car or "luxuries" and I will tell you how I know that: Smart Circle branch managers brag about their income, meanwhile they are driving a 15 year old car and shacking up with 5 others in an apartment.

There are websites you can use that reveal the yearly gross income of many of these Smart Circle branches and let me tell you, after all expenses have been paid, it's a wonder some of the managers have anything left for themselves in the way...

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If you go to thedevilcorp.wordpress.com and scroll down to the 'dirty tricks' section, you will find a plethora of links to news reports, government rulings, lawsuits and video footage showing how these people do business.

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #904832

I worked for a branch in Charlotte, NC called "Core In-Store Solutions".I was there about 2.5 months and it was the worst 2.5 months of my life.

I was a recent college graduate with a degree in Communication Studies, and having worked in retail a number of years, I felt this job was right up my alley. Boy was I wrong.

I was looking for jobs in Charlotte to make a cross-state move, and unfortunately the Smart Circle job was what I moved to Charlotte for. I was promised $10/hr, and no matter how any hours I worked, I was always paid for 39.5 hours.

The one good thing I can say is that the owner, Justin Joy, did his best to run an honest office. But the brainwashing was so obvious and often I couldn't take it after just a week or two.

They claim you get "promoted" but promotions don't exist here. When sales are down, they'll just bend the rules and make someone a "team lead".

There were only a few, both female. One was young and sexy, the other older with a bubbly personality. Only reason the young girl did well was because of her looks.

We had "atmosphere" every day in which we'd "practice pitch", perfecting our sales pitches and getting better at overcoming negatives quicker and more naturally to make us look like we know what we're talking about when in fact these reps are just regurgitating practiced behaviors.

After doing this for 30-45 minutes, the owner or assistant manager would come in and recap the previous...

All they did was reiterate what the owners spewed to the interviewees every day. And there were people constantly being interviewed due to high turnover. So after being there an hour, hour and a half (that you weren't paid for), they disbursed everyone to their stores. Some took an hour to ge to, so if atmosatmosphere ran long, you lost 2 hours of time to sell.

No one was reimbursed for gas, and I was forced to drive to hickory, nc, which was over an hour away in my car. I was already broke from moving to Charlotte and didn't get a check until 3 weeks in (they do this so if you quit, you most likely won't want to come back and get your check). I had no clue I worked for smart circle I attempted my first sale and called the Smart Circle number. So here I was, borrowing money from whoever I could to pay for gas to drive to hickory every day, and coming back with nothing.

These people made out like they made thousands of dollars easy because "directv sells itself". The assistant manager Sean and his buddy kept talking about how they were going to open their own market. Sean couldn't drive his suv because of a bad tired, but never got it repaired until a month after I'd been there. He made out like he had a bunch of uncashed paychecks because he didn't have to cash them, yet couldn't fix his tire.

As others had mentioned, the claw back draw existed there too. When I quit, I was close to $1500 in the draw. These people didn't want to hear "there's no one in the store on a Tuesday at 2pm", or "everyone said no". No, it was your fault for having a bad attitude.

They believed in the fallacy of the "law if averages" which does not exist. A basic explanation is flipping a coin- if you flip a quarter 49 times and it's landed on heads 30 times and tails 19, they say "you're due" a tails because it's landed heads over 50% of the time. This is false, because whether you flip a coin one time or 50, the percentage never changes as you have a 50% chance it'll be heads or tails as the percentage doesn't become greater for tails because it's landed heads a majority of the time previously. What was even more messed up, was if you hadn't sold a number of apps by the Wednesday off day, you weren't allowed to work Thursday, Friday, or Saturday so the owner didn't have to pay you for those days.

So essentially I often had the three worst days in retail to try to get back on track which was impossible.due to the nature of retail.These businesses need to be shut down as they all lie about who they are, advertise themselves as ""marketing firms", and you slave for nothing.

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to Anonymous New York, New York, United States #936039

Your posting is great and provides a valid and honest look at working for Smart Circle.I do want to point out to you, however, that you state the owner tried to run the business honestly but then everything that you wrote following that statement proves otherwise!

Maybe you had a good relationship with that person, but I invite you to re-read what you wrote and ask yourself if that is really the hallmark of an honest business.It certainly does not sound like it to me.

to Anonymous #1195563

You just explained my last 4 weeks working for this Joke of A Job!! Thank You! Just wish I would've read this 5 weeks ago!


You people are fools.Learn how to sell and you will be fine.

I have worked for this company for 6 months getting ready to open my own market. I make a *** load of money at least 600 a week on my bad weeks.

I worked for Kirby too you people must be the same losers who couldn't make that opportunity work for them either.Get a life stop blaming your failure on others.

to keegan Houston, Texas, United States #776947

Guaranteed you are already shut down.Learn how to sell and you will be fine?

Takes more then that to be an owner. That's not going to help you with custom fees. You used to work at Kirby with losers that couldn't make it? you just said you used to work there so you must not have made it either.

I use to be an owner. I quit because its ***. I had to pay for meetings in Dallas, plane tickets, gas mileage, recruiting, and everyone's uniform. your not really a business owner.

If you were you couldn't be shut down, you wouldn't have a boss, or be on any *** calls with Mike T. I would do it all again because I learned to manage and a good work ethic. Its been almost 2 years since then and I do way better now financially and mentally. I just couldn't belong in a business pimping out 20 year olds for much longer.

look around at the next meeting, always new faces wearing a suit for a first time and everyone is in the 20-28 year old range. I also wanted to say I spoke at a conference about running a successful office.

I had $256 in my bushiness account and -180 in my HOA.I bounced back up to 21K a year later and cut out before I lost it all.Juice by that.

to Ive been there too #1328597

You weren't an owner.You were a branch manager.

The real owners sit in executive offices at Corporate.You were just their b*tch, managing a business THEY owned!

to keegan Los Angeles, California, United States #792488

Your brainwashed too.wow.your own market? What does that even mean

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