Never ever use Smart Circle. This is a big time scam.

I purchased two packages from them to use for spa services and guess what? This spa is not accepting any customers with smart circle cards. They said that they are all booked. Please for 3 months straight?

I don't think so..Big time scam!!! I called to their customer service to asked for refund and they said that they can only do exchange not the refund. Did you see the exchange options?

I am not driving 100 miles away...So...save your money and stay away from this company!!! It is a big time scam!!!

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I, bought one of these Smart Circle Cards from a sells person and was told this card never expires.Funny, and has no expired date on card.Well, i call Southern Belle in Chattanooga, Tn. and they say never heard of this before.And, the picture is on the front of the card.Never, buy one no good................


This company does the same thing with direct tv. They dress in direct tv shorts trying to sell direct tv to customers. They end up tacking on a few bucks and making all profit from it.


Smart Circle cards are awesome! I've saved tons of money on MLB and NBA tickets by using their certificates.


SCAM & market deception at it's finest. I filed with the PA Attorney General.

My partner got "sweet" talked into this one.

NEVER is a Gratuity a REQUIREMENT, if it is - Then my Dear it is a "FEE". Very Simple!


I purchased a hair salon/spa card in Cypress, CA and they did honor it just only on Tuesdays and Thursdays which they should tell you when you buy it. But I did go and it was a great deal when I used it. I have heard the Vegas ones did not have any openings to honor the card for a few months though.


you need to call the company and see if they still accept the cards. From what I can tell, smart circle screws their employees over, but it's the businesses that decide to stop honoring the cards (IE, smoothie king who agreed to partner with smart card and then cancel after the coupons got out).

I bought one at a sams clubs for the Stone Mountain Golf course in Atlanta and have used all the free greens fees and all the weekend buy 1 get 1 free coupons and they have never questioned the cards or seemed upset I was using them. Been looking at their cards online to try out a few other local courses they have around here.


i have purchased many smart circle cards and they have all been accepted, i recommend them to anyone for yourself, or a great gift


Does anyone know anythng about smart circle's The Travel Lion offer.

It says you purchase first two nights get 5 free.

sounds too good to be true

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